Beware this Weekend’s WIGS Trap!

By - June 30, 2016 | Alcoholic Beverage Law | Email Rob Pinson

The time has finally come in Tennessee - Wine In Grocery Stores
The time has finally come in Tennessee – Wine In Grocery Stores

“The time has finally come in Tennessee. We are only one day away from an unprecedented event – WIGS. That stands for Wine In Grocery Stores. Thanks to the hard work by the Tennessee ABC, more than 400 grocery stores across Tennessee will be selling wine by the bottle starting at 8am Friday morning. This is an exciting event that is at least ten years in the making. This is very likely the largest change in the ability to sell alcohol in Tennessee since we got liquor by the drink. That being said, there is a very dangerous trap for unwary consumers this weekend. Sure, you can get wine from grocery stores (and liquor stores) on Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd. Of course, many people know you cannot sell wine on Sundays at liquor stores and grocery stores. But very few people realize there are no wine sales permitted (nor liquor sales) on July 4th. Yes! You read that right. There are no wine or liquor sales in Tennessee on Sunday, July 3rd, and Monday, July 4th…sort of. So if you want to have wine or liquor for your 4th of July festivities, you better buy it before 11pm on Saturday. The one saving grace? Tennessee wineries and distilleries can sell product made on their premises on both Sunday and July 4th (as well as every other day of the year). So if you forgot to pick up wine or liquor before Sunday, feel free to visit our local wineries and distilleries and pick up a few bottles of homemade Tennessee products. Your taste buds will thank you and you will be supporting your local economy. Remember that beer will be available the whole extended weekend in most jurisdictions as well.

Please drink up, enjoy, and, most importantly, practice safe drinking. Do not drink and drive! Happy 4th of July!”