Visiting Kona Brewing Company

By - March 28, 2016 | Alcoholic Beverage Law | Email Rob Pinson

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Kona Brewing Brewery and Pub

Kona Brewing Company Kegs Ready for Customers

While visiting Hawaii for work and pleasure, I had the chance to visit Kona Brewing Company, in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. This is a great place and I strongly urge you to visit. They have a huge selection of beers and awesome seasonals. I tried to sample all the different beers they had, but ended up failing because of their next best item…pizza. Kona Brewing claims to have the best pizza on the Big Island, and the locals I surveyed agreed. The pizza was amazing, the beer amazing, so much so that I had to be rolled out of there, but not before I got some great pictures of the brewery.

Kona Brewing Company Operations

Kona Brewing Company Behind The Scenes

They offer tours, but you better call well in advance because they book up quick. Another attractive aspect of this business is their dedication to the environment. At the bottom of their menu, they have detailed descriptions of how they reduce, reuse and recycle.

Kona Brewing Company Menu


Kona Brewing Company Menu

They also have solar panels that help offset 50% of their electricity needs. Further, they value their most precious recourse…fresh water. They collect rainwater and excess condensation from air conditioning and reuse it for irrigation and gardening. A truly inspiring operation. Kona Brewing has recently announced a new location on the Big Island. I guess I will be forced to return to Hawaii when it is open. That sounds terrible.